Welcome to Willie's eBike Rental & Sales!


Willie's Bike Rental and Sales is a unique business that's close to home and our hearts. It makes ordering or renting an ebike much easier, for the whole family to enjoy.

When Willie was interested in purchasing his own ebike he discovered what was lacking in his province of Nova Scotia; an ebike rental and/or sales operation. After much research and consideration, Willie decided to use his unique skill set to begin his very own ebike rental and sales business.

Now, as he's partnering with two Canadian and two European Manufacturer, he's able and eager to assist with your next purchase or rental for whichever ebike best suits your needs.

Willie is proudly Canadian with German Roots, he has lived all across Canada and has many stories to share. His 35 years of retail and repair experience, combined with a large variety of skills makes it easy for Willie to relate to his customers and create a positive bond to further enhance any ebike rental or sales experience.

Don't delay, Willie is here to help and guide you through this exciting process of purchasing or renting an ebike of your own!